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February 9, 2017
Press Statement - MM Spa
Contrary to what published today on the newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, according to which MM would be the beneficiary of an Hydrobond issuance financial operation organized by Finlombarda (a financial company owned by Lombardy Region), which would include 10 municipality-owned companies operating in the Integrated Water Service, the Company informs that it is not involved in any new bond issuance process.
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March 21, 2012
The citezens of Milan like water of the city
69% of people know that to have a low environmental impact must use tap water, but unfortunately the 54% drink still that in the bottle. The 72% know that we must be careful not to waste water, so it is aware that it is better to take a shower rather than bath and 63% say it is necessary close the tap while brushing your teeth. These are some of the most significant data that have emerged survey conducted by ISPO for...
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June 28, 2011
The shareholders meeting approves the 2010 financial accounts
The Company closed the year, making up for the first semester, with a profit of Euro 852.838 continuing to operate in its traditional sphere of activity, fulfilling the Company mission to: _ Consolidate the Company's presence in constructing territorial infrastructures (metros, railways, etc.) aimed at resolving...
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May 6, 2011
Water. The efficiency saves 20 billion
The data emerging from the study Althesys. “The benefits of good management Water” sponsored by Metropolitana Milanese “The water over the myths”. If all the aqueducts followed the standards of companies best in the industry, the Italians would save 19.4 billion over six years. The only Northern Italy would benefit 6 billion (one billion euros a year) if you into compliance with the experiences of Milan, Turin, Cremona, Novara and...
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March 26, 2011
Affori: the new urban hub. Four new stations M3 and a railway
4 new stations M3 and a new railway station interchange. More public transport, private cars less. More opportunities to move, less pollution It 'opened today, the urban hub of Milan Affori: 4 new stations M3 Dergano, Affori Center, Affori FerrovieNord, Comasina, made along the 3.7 km extension from the Maciachini - and the new station interchange station on the Milan ace of Seveso FerrovieNord...
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February 20, 2011
Inauguration of the extention of Milan M2 from Famagosta to Assago Milanofiori Forum
Inauguration of the extention of Milan M2 from Famagosta to Assago Milanofiori Forum. Four new stations: Assago Milanofiori Nord and Assago Milanofiori Forum.
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July 29, 2010
New General Manager appointed
Mr Stefano Cetti (49), has been appointed General Manager of Metropolitana Milanese spa. He took up his position on 2 August, 2010.


July 16, 2010
The City of Milan AATO (Local Water Authority) passes updated Area Plan. Investments of ?800 million
The Milan City Council approved today the motion to accept the Area Plan updating proposal adopted by the Milan AATO (Local Water Authority), setting the annual adjustments of the water rates. The Area Plan involves planning actions until 2027, for investments totalling more than €800 million to improve water quality and usability. For 2011, the Area Plan involves raising the average baseline rate from € 0.54 to € 0.60 per cubic metre: this is an adjustment to the average rate but it does not mean that Milanese citizens will have to pay the same 11% increase on their water bill. MM estimates a possible average increase of about €1.00 per month per family on the rates bill. The sustainability index of the water rates bill on the average Milanese income is 0.32% compared to a national average of 0.76%. The rate is set according to Legislative Decree 152/2006, making it compulsory to consider the quality of the water, the service provided, infrastructure, investments, necessary alterations and water management costs. The water rates in Milan were unchanged from 2001 to 2008 and are still very much at the low end in Italy and up to half the rates in cities like Bologna or Turin. The first goal of these adjustments is to finance the investments required to make sure that water remains a public utility, which this Council is resolute about: without these resources, the water utility companies would be forced to raise funds on the market, which would mean losing public control.
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June 21, 2010
The Annual Meeting approves the 2009 accounts. The new Board appointed. Lanfranco Senn was confirmed
21 June 2010The Annual Meeting approves the 2009 accounts. The new Board appointed. Lanfranco Senn was confirmed as Chairman. The annual general meeting of MM spa was held today to approve the 2009 financial statement and appoint the new Board of Directors: Vittorio Belingardi, Vincenzo La Russa, Giuseppe Mele, Lanfranco Senn and Maria Elisabetta Serri. Lanfranco Senn was confirmed as Chairman. The Company basically broke even thanks to the Waterworks and Wastewater Services and the start-up of transport contracts with the Municipality. Income decreased in 2009 due to the out-of-jurisdiction contracts being split between two companies during the year, in application of the Bersani Decree; it was also caused by the long brief to define the Service Contract signed in October. One of MM’s strengths and certainly a source of pride is its performance both in the Waterworks and Wastewater Services using an accurate information system dealing with costs and service quality, and in the engineering field that is providing faster and more transparent information on action plans and work progress. MM aims to innovate its image more and more, taking account of the achieved results and the available resources. “We are looking to 2010 with optimism,” declared the Chairman, Lanfranco Senn. “We estimate a higher profit thanks to increased involvement in the public transport expansion plan both in the second section of the M5 and the start-up of the M4. We may also play an active part in completing some of the works for the Expo 2015. Furthermore,” continued Senn, “we started up a number of internationalization activities in 2009 and at this moment, these have enabled us, in association with other companies, to pre-qualify for the Baghdad underground project. In Thessaloniki we are finalizing the design of the electromechanical systems of the new Metro. We also have contacts with Albania, Romania, Tunisia, Israel, Columbia and India.” e all’avvio delle commesse con il Comune...
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March 8, 2010
A communication plan for the redevelopment of Via Paolo Sarpi commences
A communication plan for the redevelopment of Via Paolo Sarpi commences The Milan Municipality and Metropolitana Milanese have prepared a communication plan to keep citizens informed of the redevelopment works in via Paolo Sarpi, which began in January and will be completed in February 2011 at an estimated total works cost of about €5.5 million. A dedicated website can be linked from the Milan via Sarpi portal and from the MM site. Visitors to the site can select the street section or number they are interested to view and download all the design drawings and see the final rendering. The regularly updated web pages will enable the general public to find the answers to their questions, to communicate with the City Council and with MM and to register for newsletters. Local traders will also be able to advertise special events and initiatives on the site. Other planned communication tools include:
  • leaflets distributed in letterboxes and left in shops and posters put up in businesses and apartment lobbies (“special” editions will also be released to support business promotions while works are in progress);
  • maxi street banners, visible from a distance, encouraging people to keep coming to via Sarpi even while work is in progress;
  • banners to attach to hoarding, flagging the names of the business located along the worksite area and directions to get to them.
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January 26, 2010
AquaLAB. A foundation for water is set up: universities, local organisations, providers join forces
At the University of Milan, with the participation of the Rectors and their delegates, the Mayor of Abbiategrasso and the Chairman of Metropolitana Milanese, AquaLAB: Laboratorio Acqua Bioenergia (Water Bio-energy Laboratory) was established. The constituent members of the Foundation are the University of Milan, the University of Milan-Bicocca, the Luigi Bocconi University, the Polytechnic of Milan, the Municipality of Abbiategrasso and Metropolitana Milanese spa. AquaLAB derives from the above Universities being aware of how important the water problem is, both in terms of quality and quantity of water and of the problem of bio-energies, particularly in the Lombardy area. The Foundation brings together scientific, technical and operating know-how in the water resource industry, both in terms of water treatment and sustainable use of water and the production of bio-energies. It will be the centre of reference in planning, designing and executing operations and works, in the field of water and bio-energy resources. Users will also be able to opt in to training activities and receive scientific information and the Foundation will seek public opinion as regards the use of water resources and alternative energy sources, paying special attention to environmental sustainability. The Foundation headquarters will be located in Metropolitana Milanese spa, via del Vecchio Politecnico 8, Milan.
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