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MM is a specialist engineering company operating within the public transportation sector. The Company supplies a full range of services encompassing the entire design cycle, from preliminary studies through to project completion.

MM has been supplying project and construction management expertise to administrations and public authorities for more than 50 years, including such key activities as technical support, public and private contract management, evaluation of development proposals, preparation of contract and tendering documents and providing support to the officials in charge of the procedures.

As a business partner, MM is well placed to provide professional advice to public bodies and assist them in successfully completing major projects. Complex in design and demanding in terms of financing, such projects necessarily require access to an integrated set of management skills in areas ranging from technical to administrative support.

Company Structure

The MM Engineering is divided into four departments: The Transportation System Design department, in charge of project management and the development of plans to create urban and suburban rail-based public transport systems. The Infrastructure and Waterworks Design department, in charge of the design of road works, parking areas, public buildings and hydraulic engineering projects related to water courses, waterworks and installations. The Transportation System Construction department and the Infrastructure and Waterworks Construction department, implement public, infrastructure and plant engineering projects, expansion and modification work and routine and unscheduled maintenance in accordance with the directions provided by clients and MM’s two design departments.

The Technical Management, reporting directly to the General Management, provides design services and general technical consultancy services to MM’s operational departments via the Civil Works Technical Unit and the Plant Engineering Technical Unit. The Management is also responsible for guaranteeing MM’s projects and its performance both from the technical point of view and regarding their compliance with the relevant regulations.