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Our responsibility

for a sustainable future

The MM Act of Incorporation states that the mission of the Company is to ensure "the future to the community", i.e. the social responsability is explicity stated commitments in MM.

MM has invested in human resources, knowledge, environment, certification, procedure and stable relationship with other economic and social operators in the area.

The MM goals are:
- the equality and fainess;
- the continuity and regularity of service (specially water emergency service H24);
- the progressive and continuous improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the service;
- comprehensibility of language documentation and communication, courtesy, fairness and the identifiability of our staff;
- participation and reciprocity in the relationship with the customer.

MM does business having identified a clear and coherent strategy for economic sustainability aspects, social and environmental, considering:
-environmental impacts,
- the practices and working conditions of its staff,
- impacts on local communities and their development,
- impacts on the health and safety of customers and consumers,
- the potential risks arising from the interaction with social institutions.

The goals that governed the attitudes and actions of the company, as well as the action taken to make it responsible for the MM industrial activity, are presented in the Sustainability Report, which is a document in which are regularly communicated the results of its activities, not limited only to financial and accounting aspects, but also including social and environmental policies, becoming a final document certifying the social dimension of the business, through which you identify and measure the benefits to all stakeholders directly or indirectly involved.

Code of Ethics, Articles of Association, Charter of Services, Regulation of access to documents