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Human resources

Joining the world of MM means having the opportunity to grow in a business context of shared common values and objectives. MM invests in developing the most important value of all: the people who work there. Profession, experience, innovation and technology are the foundations of a Company which faces new challenges by selecting the finest among those fit for the job. We are a leading Italian infrastructure engineering Company controlled by the Milan Municipality, operating in civil and civil systems engineering and urban and suburban mass rail transit (metros-subways, light rail transit, trams).
In our goal to become an international player, we are offering our personnel growth opportunities both in Italy and abroad. Since June 2003 MM has managed the Integrated Water Service for the City of Milan, consisting in capturing, potabilization and distribution of drinking water and collection and treatment of wastewater, providing for the needs of about 1,500,000 people.

Our achievements are the result of teamwork and collaboration built into whatever we set out to do. About 710 professionals (about 253 in the Engineering and about 457 in the Integrated Water Service) apply their skills and determination to satisfy our users and customers, with particular attention to the effect of our activities on the environment and in the community.

People determine the success in achieving the Company goals. We at MM believe that well-trained, motivated people willing to join us on a route of professional development and personal growth are essential in our striving to excel and become ever more competitive in MM Engineering and in the Integrated Water Service fields alike. At Metropolitana Milanese we are aware that training is fundamental for consistent work quality. This is why know-how, experience and skills are highly regarded within our Company.