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The integrated water service

The Integrated Water Service

The Integrated Water Service for the City of Milan captures, purifies and distributes drinking water, as well as collects sewage and coordinates its treatment before releasing it into the environment.
The Milan Municipality has established the Service in 1999 and in June 2003 entrusted it to Metropolitana Milanese s.p.a. which will manage it until 2027. Apart from managing the Milan Integrated Water Service, Metropolitana Milanese also plans, designs and supervises the construction of new networks and plants and is responsible for the maintenance of the existing ones.
Regulation of Integrated water service (in italian only)

ciclo Distribuzione Collettamento Depurazione Agricoltura Falda acquifera Captazione Potabilizzazione Controllo


The mission of Metropolitana Milanese is to meet the water needs of the Milan community by supplying sufficient quantity of quality drinking water and ensuring responsible water resource management from the environmental and cost efficiency points of view.


The management operations of the Milan Integrated Water Service are subdivided into three business areas:

  • the Waterworks and Wastewater departments manage the water cycle;
  • the Resources, Planning and Services department coordinates the planning of the two operative departments and the Engineering area of Metropolitana Milanese. The Customer Service also belongs in this area.