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2,295 km (1,430 mi) of water supply network

The Waterworks pumps, purifies and distributes drinking water to the City of Milan; it also controls the level of groundwater table and irrigation wells for the City’s green areas.

The water supply network is a total of about 2,295 km long (the air distance between Milan and Cairo). The waterworks produces water for the City by pumping all of it from the underground water table. It uses a double pumping system consisting of 28 pumping stations and 400 wells, for a total of about 230 million m3 (50.6 billion imp gal) of delivered drinking water per year.

All Milan waterworks pumping stations are remotely controlled from four centres through a telemetry system. Each centre controls an average of 7-8 stations. Pumping wells and stations can be individually controlled and water flow rates can be adjusted to match the demand at any moment.