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Extension and redevelopment works

Work in progress

  • Feasibility study not completed
  • Initial design not completed
  • Final design not completed
  • Executive design completed
  • Works management completed

On 29 June 1994, the Malpensa Construction Consortium was established with respective shares of 51 per cent for SEA S.p.a. and 49 per cent for Metropolitana Milanese S.p.a. The objective of the consortium was co-ordination of the activities of construction management, comprising works management and the coordination and supervision of works in respect of the extension, modernisation and redevelopment of infrastructure at the airport of Milan Malpensa, as part of the Malpensa 2000 project. 

In the first phase of the works, the activities focused on construction of the terminal, the railway station, the plant room and access roads. These works were completed within the scheduled timetable of the general implementation programme for the Malpensa 2000 project, allowing inauguration of the new terminal in October 1998. Subsequently SEA S.p.a. entrusted the consortium with further construction management activities and a series of design activities relating to civil and plant engineering works for the passenger terminals, flight operations infrastructure, car parks and aprons for the airports of Milan Malpensa and Linate. This second phase includes completion of works management relating to implementation of the Cargo City complex, the maintenance building (Alitalia hangar), the flight operations infrastructure, the de-icing station, roadworks and upgrading of the BHS (Baggage Handling System). 

Activities are currently under way relating to the third phase: completion of works management for construction of the metal structures; completion of the executive design for the underground structures of Terminal 1; completion of the executive design for operations to reorganize the underground floors of the BHS and the facades and roofs of the main building; executive design and works management for completion of Passenger Terminal 1, the third satellite and associated works. 

To meet the requirements of the client SEA, the Malpensa Construction consortium has established several works management offices, for management of the contracts made by SEA with the contracting companies, handling the inevitable interference arising out of the contemporaneous use of the sites and, in some cases, overlapping of the works. In accordance with the assignment received, Metropolitana Milanese verified the final projects and rendered them executive (and therefore ready for commencement); their implementation remained the responsibility of the individual companies according to the regulations in force concerning contracts.