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MM operates in the planning and constructing of public transport infrastructures and urban renewal. Within these fields, MM provides services ranging from technical and economic evaluations to works planning, from administrative and legal activities to managing tenders and contracts, from expropriation of areas to civil works and systems management, and from design validation to inspection, testing and quality control.

Due to its established experience in managing and integrating multidisciplinary projects, MM is a business partner and consultant to public entities and administrators in large projects involving major investments.

Fields of activity:

  • Metro, light rail transit and railway lines and stations
  • Transport and traffic planning
  • Urban and suburban traffic reorganization
  • Surface and underground car parks
  • Interchange areas at metro and railway terminus stations
  • Urban renewal to improve the quality of life and to enhance the environmental assets
  • Design of buildings intended for public use
  • Atmospheric, acoustic, and underground renewal in urban settings

Major works for the sustainable development

In Milan, MM has constructed the city's whole underground metro system on a turnkey basis, covering a total of 88 km (54.68 mi) and 94 stations, as well as the 10-km (6-mi) underground section of the Urban Underground Railway Link with its 7 stations. Was recently inaugurated the completion of Line 3 heading North and the construction of four new stations (from Maciachini to Comasina) and the extension of Line 2 towards Assago Milanofiori. Line 4 and the extension of Line 5 projects are being developed, while the construction of the Garibaldi-Bignami section of the latter is currently underway. In the roads department, the works in progress include the Portello area and Project Construction Management of the design and construction related to the completion of the Malpensa Airport, in collaboration with SEA, the Milan Airports operator. In the transport design-only field, the new light rail transit developments are going to integrate those in the North, South and those recently designed for the Lombardy Region, Milan Province and other public administrations like the City Councils of Turin, Bologna, and Venice-Mestre.

International experience

Following completion of the works on the regional metro system in Alexandria (Egypt) and the fully automatic driverless metro in Copenhagen (Denmark), MM has also been involved in the design of the automatic metro system in Thessaloniki (Greece).