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Piccolo Teatro renovation works

As part of the renovation project for the Piccolo Teatro di Milano in 1993, the City Council appointed MM to manage the construction works, plant engineering and alterations to the stage, as well as the design of building details and variants during the works.
Metropolitana Milanese helped to revise the original project, altering it to comply with the safety regulations in force, and carried out inspections and operations to optimize the functionality of the theatre, integrating the original project with new construction details and introducing variants for improvement.
A new task awarded in March 1994 resulted in the drafting of a project to assign the areas attached to the theatre, originally intended for catering, to cultural use (theatre library and historical archives of the Piccolo Teatro). The building, with decorative external brick walls and roofing of copper plates, covers an area of approximately 3,700 m2, with a maximum height above ground level of 34 m.