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Sewer system and wastewater treatment

Metropolitana Milanese manages the sewer services for the Milan Municipality, which consist in collecting residential and industrial wastewater and seeing that it is conveyed through the large sewer pipeline network into one of the industrial wastewater treatment plants where it is recycled for reuse.
Metropolitana Milanese also manages the network of culverts of the City’s watercourses.
Right now, the sewer system has a total pipeline length of 1446 km (899 mi), with a service coverage exceeding 98 percent; the remaining parts are small, isolated portions of the municipal jurisdiction outside the developed centre and some industries equipped with independent wastewater disposal systems.
About 280 million m3 (61.6 billion imp gal) a year of wastewater originating from the Milan and Settimo Milanese Municipalities flows into the sewage system.
The wastewater is then conveyed to one of the three treatment plants:

  • Peschiera Borromeo
  • Milano Nosedo
  • Milano San Rocco