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Anfossi pumping station

Electromechanical and structural reorganisation of Anfossi pumping station

Work in progress

  • Feasibility study not completed
  • Initial design not completed
  • Final design not completed
  • Executive design completed
  • Works management not completed

Brief description

Forming part of the Regulatory Plan, the project is intended to reinforce the lifting and treatment equipment. In particular, the station will undergo reorganisation of its electromechanical equipment and instruments, with rationalisation of its layout and of the equipment installed to replace the items removed. The electrical equipment of the transformer substation, the electrical panels, the section switchboards, the pipes, the lighting fittings and user terminations in general will also be replaced. The works programme also provides for the architectural and historical restoration of the station, which was built between 1914 and 1919. To respect the original design of the internal and external areas, before definition of the works programme a historical study of the building was carried out, through research and examination of the original project documentation available at the Municipal Archives of the Municipality of Milan, and a stratigraphical survey to identify the original construction materials and those used in subsequent years. After the redevelopment work, the station will be opened to the public, who be able to visit it to discover its history, to appreciate the architectural design and observe the current mode of operation.