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Metropolitana Milanese is interested in developing its activities on international markets. It participates in public tenders in the sector of engineering services for guided public transport, in the fields of consultancy, design and support to customers throughout the world. In some cases, the Company has won contracts awarded directly by the customer, on other occasions it has taken part in international tenders at the explicit invitation of an ATI (temporary association of companies, or consortium).
Of particular strategic interest to Metropolitana Milanese are the countries of the Mediterranean basin, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and Latin America.

Bogotá, Colombia 2009

Bogotà, Colombia Consultancy for the supervision, design control and integration of the metro system network and the legal, financial, technical and operational structure of the first metro line in Bogotà into the integrated public transport system (SITP) which covers all means of transport. The activities, with a nominal duration of three years, are being carried out both on site and in the cities hosting the head offices of the main international partners (Madrid, Milan). The line is 28.2 km (17.6 miles) long, including 18.2 km (11.4 miles) in tunnels, with 23 intermediate stations, 8 interchanges, 37 train sets.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2009

Riad, Arabia Saudita Specialist consultancy for the track equipment of the new monorail metro system (11 km - 6.9 miles -, 10 m – 33 ft above ground) of the Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University for Women campus (8 million m2 – 86.1 million sq ft, 13 faculties, 26,000 students). During the works, the constructor needs to be supported by specialists with specific experience able to intervene quickly on site to guarantee completion and delivery of the works within the deadlines and budget stipulated and in full compliance with the technical and regulation requirements.

Abidjan, Ivory Coast 2008

Feasibility study for modernising, electrifying and doubling the size of the existing regional railway system (36 km - 22.5 miles, 5 stations), converting it into an urban metro system able to carry 21,600 passengers an hour in each direction, with a depot and a new connection (6 km - 3.8 miles) between the City and the airport.

Thessaloniki, Greece 2006

Salonicco, Grecia Preliminary and detailed design for the track equipment, service and emergency ventilation of the tunnels of Line 1 of the new automatic metro system (9.5 km - 5.9 miles, 13 stations, central platforms with safety barriers, twin-bore tunnels, 18 train sets, depot of 50,000 m2 – 538,200 sq ft).

Teheran, Iran 2005

Teheran, Iran  Simulation of the existing Line 4 of the Teheran metro system (21 km - 13.1 miles, 22 stations, 45 trains) which, with 1.5 million passengers a day, was suffering from capacity problems due to the growth in transport demand. The analysis was aimed at identifying the weak points of the system and suggesting essential steps to enhance carrying capacity and eliminate bottlenecks by optimising power supply and matching it to driving power requirements throughout the line.

Manila, Philippines 2001

Preliminary design for Manila Metro Line (10 km - 6.3 miles, 9 stations) and associated depot.

Porto, Portugal 2001

Detailed planning of the civil works and stations for Lines C, S and J of the Metro (9 km - 5.6 miles, 10 stations).

Copenhagen, Denmark 1997-2001

Copenaghen, Danimarca All the phases of planning, design of the civil works, technical installations, maintenance equipment, service train sets, procurement and commissioning for the control and maintenance centre (CMC) of Line 1 of the new automatic light metro (driverless). Phases 1 and 2 of the system (from Forum to Vestamager and Lergravsparken, including the tunnels and deep stations) cover the 14.3 km (8.9 miles) of line in tunnels, on embankments or elevated, with 15 stations including 9 in tunnels and a fleet of 34 train sets each made up of 3 permanently connected coaches. The system opened to the public in October 2002.

Alexandria, Egypt 1999

Alessandria d'Egitto Transport plan and preliminary design for modernisation of the existing regional railway line between the stations of Abu Qir and Misr (22 km - 13.8 miles) on the surface and on viaducts, 16 stations), upgrading of the metro.

Valencia, Spain 1998

General planning and feasibility studies, all the design phases for the civil works and installations of the metro system.

Buenos Aires, Argentina 1995

Buenos Aires, Argentina Preliminary and executive design for the existing Line A of the metro, modernisation of the existing 7.3 km (4.6 miles) and extension of a further 8.1 km (5.1 miles) and 10 stations.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 1994

Design of the surface light metro system, on dedicated track for the Herrera – Charles de Gaulle line (18.6 km - 11.6 miles, 25 stops, 36 train sets), as part of the “Programme for the restructuring and development of the City and province of Santo Domingo and implementation of a pilot plan for improvement of the marginalized districts” promoted by the local authorities and with assistance provided by the Italian government.