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Milan Line 3

The Yellow

The Line 3 is an important connection for the entire urban and suburban network. At the moment extending for 16,6 km and 21 stations, starts in the north at Comasina and runs south-east, ending at the boundary with the of San Donato Milanese municipality. There are several important interchanges along the line: connection with the mainline railway network at the stations of Centrale, Porta Romana and Rogoredo, with the Underground Urban Rail Link at Repubblica and Affori and with Line 2 at Centrale andLine 1 at Piazza Duomo, as well as with urban circular surface lines. From the construction point of view, the difficulties encountered during the works made the Metropolitana Milanese engineering teams apply considerable skill and come up with innovative technological and construction solutions. To solve the high level of groundwater, they froze the ground using liquid nitrogen at -196°C (-321°F): this reduced the risk of collapsing surfaces. Another novelty was a special structure allowing the Line 3 trains to pass close to the La Scala theatre without disturbing ongoing artistic performance.

Section km (miles) Stations
Da San Donato to Comasina 16,6 (10.3) 21

The project phase

The final design is progress for the southward extension from San Donato to Paullo with six new stations: San Donato Centro, Peschiera, Pantigliate Mediglia, Caleppio Cerca, Paullo Centro and Paullo Est to improve the transport system in Paullese Road.

Status km (miles) Stations Section
In operation 16.6 (10.3) 21 San Donato - Comasina
Planning 14.8 (9.2) 6 San Donato - Paullo Est


Inauguration of the Line 3 (the Yellow Line) of the Milan Metro from Centrale FS to Porta Romana, with eight stations.

Seven new stations open: Sondrio to the north, Lodito the south, Brenta, Corvetto, Porto di Mare, Rogoredo FS and the new terminus at San Donato.

Inauguration of the station at Zara, the new northern terminus.

7 dicembre 2003
Inauguration of Maciachini station, the new northern terminus.

26 March 2011
Inauguration of four new stations of Line 3 nordward extention: Dergano, Affori centro, Affori FNM and Comasina, the latter becoming the new terminus .