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Milan Line 5

The Purple

work completed

  • Feasibility study not completed
  • Initial design completed
  • Final design completed
  • Executive design not completed
  • Works management not completed

The M5, as the other new metro M4, is a "lightunderground" an driverless. The stations have the length of 50 meters, against the 110 of the three existing lines, and are equipped with platform screen doors. Thanks to the automation, high frequencies are possible (90/2 reducible up to 75).

The line can carry up to 24,000 passengers per hour, reducing travel times and waiting.

MM oversaw the feasibility study and preliminary design of the entire line, as well as the definitive project for the Garibaldi-San Siro. MM also performed the function of high supervision of the execution of the work done by Metro5.

The line linking Bignami to San Siro for a total of 12.9 km and 19 stations.


opening stations number stations connection
February 10, 2013 7 Bignami, Ponale, Bicocca, Ca' Granda, Istria, Marche, Zara M3 a Zara
March 1, 2014 2 Isola e Garibaldi M2 a Garibaldi
April 29, 2015 5 Domodossola, Lotto, segesta, San Siro Ippodromo, San Siro Stadio Ferrovie Nord a Domodossola FNM e con M1 a Lotto
June 6, 2015 1 Portello -
June 20, 2015 1 Cenisio -
September 26, 2015 1 Gerusalemme -
October 11, 2015 1 Monumentale -
November 14, 2015 1 Tre Torri -

Line extensions

Status km (miles) Stations Section
In operation 12.9 (8) 18 Bignami-San Siro Stadio
In project 6,3 (3.9) 5 Bignami-Monza
In Project 4,5 (2.7) 4 San Siro Stadio-Settimo