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tramways in milan and in italy

Metropolitana Milanese has developed a light rail transit system (LRT) for the City of Milan and, through its subsidiary Metro Engineering, obtained assignments for projects in various Italian cities. LRTs form part of the tramway network but have specific features allowing greater commercial speed and passenger capacity than normal trams. They were designed for the transportation of passengers in built-up urban areas and in the suburbs. They consist of self-propelled or towed vehicles, which are automatically ‘guided’ to reduce interference with other wheeled and pedestrian traffic, and they run on routes on which the number of crossings is reduced and the LRT has prority at traffic lights. LRTs must be incorporated coherently into the tram network of cities, as in Milan, where integration with the historical network, the largest in Italy, has required upgrading of general standards to allow LRTs to travel on all the existing tram lines.

Tramways in MilanTramways in Italy