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Mission and values

Excellence in civil engineering

MM has a history of excellence in civil engineering. Thanks to its penchant for innovation, it proved capable over time to turn the experience gained into its main tool for tackling and overcoming technological challenges. Works created by MM have contributed to transform Milan into a metropolis and the Company has made available its know-how all over Italy and abroad by designing and managing major urban and landscaping structures and infrastructures. Its expertise in handling problems associated with underground works and combining management practice with corporate objectives have made it the ideal partner for managing the Integrated Water Service for the City of Milan.


The corporate mission of MM consists of four cornerstones:

  1. consolidation of the Company presence in the construction of infrastructures for mass transport and public works in the area, to help solve problems associated with surface traffic, road systems and environment.
  2. efficient and economical management of the integrated water cycle, assuring the area of Milan sufficient quantity of good-quality drinking water as well as sensible governance of water resources.
  3. speed up the process of internationalization by identifying foreign business opportunities to ensure consistent Company growth.
  4. extend collaboration and synergy within the companies where the Milan Municipality is a stakeholder.


MM goes about its activities with a strict professional approach. Responsibility, fairness and quality are the distinctive traits of its action. Through the conservation of resources, respect for the environment and promotion of social justice, MM has taken the values of sustainable development to heart. Serving the City and its citizens, MM operates for human progress and development by listening to their needs and increasing the value of common assets.