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Legal information for Metropolitana Milanese's web site


The Metropolitana Milanese Spa web site ( has the purpose of supplying the visitors, both companies and single users, with institutional information regarding its company structure, the activities carried out in the fields of analysis, study, planning, designing, creation, maintenance and management of the infrastructures and works of public interest as well as the activities of study, research, analysis, management and supply of the service of gathering, distribution, collection and purification of water and all the relating activities. The user acknowledges that the site use is subjected to the acceptance of the terms and conditions listed below.


The texts, the information and other data published in this web site or accessible through forms in this site as well as through links present in the web site, are strictly informational and are not official if not otherwise clearly expressed in accordance with the law in force. Metropolitana Milanese Spa is not to be held responsible for services offered by third parties with which the site has activated a link, and for any other content and information which does not comply with the laws in force. Moreover, Metropolitana Milanese Spa cannot be held responsible for any mistakes or omissions and for any type of direct, indirect or accidental damage deriving from reading or from the use of the information published, or of any form of content present in the site or for the access or use of material contained in other sites, as well as for transmission of any viruses that may infect the computer equipment used by the visitors of the site.