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Local transport plans

Land and transport planning

For years Metropolitana Milanese has been extending the scope of its services to studies of land and transport planning, in other words the activity preceding the design and construction of a transport infrastructure, by recording and defining the conditions for complex interventions needing a strategic vision. The experience accrued in this field has led the Company to develop regional and urban transport plans, traffic density and movement plans, urban parking plans, projects for new-build multi-level and underground interchanges and car parks, building renovation plans with integrated transport infrastructures. In addition to these activities, MM is also able to perform studies for the localisation of economic activities and plans for the evaluation of environmental impact and protection, together with economic evaluations, analyses and financial plans.
To give an example, as part of the finalized transport plan of the National Research Council, at the invitation of the Lombardy Region, Metropolitana Milanese has coordinated and implemented the part relating to the passenger interchange centres. Or again, on behalf of the Municipality of Milan and in relation to the construction of the subway lines, MM has several times worked on the road network, planning and executing new routes to make incoming road traffic smoother, creating the associated car parks or interchange infrastructures.

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