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customer service

Since when MM e was appointed the Integrated Water Service supplier, one of its goals was to improve customer relations in terms of both delivered service and their requests. About 21 thousand of the 50 thousand users are managed by condominium administrators.

The Integrated Water Service intends to strengthen direct relations with the end users even where the the condominium administrator acts as an intermediary.

To assure better service to the general public, MM has pinpointed its user orientation, through seven principles in its Service Charter:

  • equal and impartial treatment
  • continuity
  • participation
  • courtesy
  • efficiency
  • clear and comprehensible messages
  • supply conditions.

The Customer Service is the main link between the Company and the citizens, its customers. 

MMM provides information about the available services and instructions on their use (documents required for various procedures, tariffs, types), in particular:

  • information about contracts in force, billed consumption and on how to access documents, in compliance with the current laws;
  • information on meter readings and on bill payment procedures;
  • information on the tariff structure, on variations and on causes;
  • procedures for lodging complaints through the web site or periodic notifications;
  • other information relative to the Integrated Water Service.

Contact details

20141 Milan
Via Meda 42
Tool-free number 800 02 18 00
Tel. +39 800 02 18 00
Fax +39 02 84 77 50 02
Monday to Friday: 8:15 am to 16:15 pm; Saturday: 8:15 pm to 12:15 pm