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The drinking water system in italy

Functions and responsibilities

Aeeg - Autorità per l'energia elettrica e il gas
  • rate and tariff structure
  • bills transparency
  • conventions and paper type of services
  • verification of the correct preparation of area plans
    substitutive powers and sanctions
Ufficio d’ambito Città di Milano (Ato)
  • management planning and investment (definition of the plan area)
  • preparation of the program interventions
  • expectations of the management of integrated water services and scrutiny of the annual report of the results to the Ministry of Environment and Protection of Land and Sea
  • determination of the basic tariff issuing permits for the discharge into the sewer system of production activities
MM - Metropolitana Milanese Spa
  • manager of the Integrated Water Services for the City of Milan Ato, custodial service from 2003 to 2007 (before the convention) and 2008-2027 (Second Convention)
  • management of integrated water services: water collection, treatment, control, drinking water distribution, wastewater collection, disposal, treatment and return to the environment
Comune di Milano
  • authority responsible for the service and owner of networks and systems for the delivery of the Integrated Water Service
ASL Città di Milano - Azienda
sanitaria locale
  • checking the suitability of water for human consumption on the basis of careful
  • checks call to the operator to take action in cases where the water supply is inconsistent with the requirements laid down by the qualitative laws in force
  • measures in the case of failing to take action in response to unfavorable analysis
ARPA Lombardia - Azienda
regionale per l’ambiente
  • technical support to the administrative authorities and investigation for the issuance of permits for the dumping
  • on behalf of ASL, control of water quality in the process of collection, transportation networks and in distribution, in drinking water treatment and purification plants
  • environmental controls and verification of compliance with the limits and requirements
    environmental monitoring of rivers: physical-chemical analyzes and biological indices of ecological status
Provincia di Milano
  • issuing permits to discharge into surface water and groundwater
MilanoDepur Spa
  • management of water treatment plant in Milan Nosedo
  • internal controls of the effectiveness of treatment
Degrémont Spa
  • conduction of water treatment plant contract in Milan San Rocco
  • internal controls of the effectiveness of treatment
AmiAcque Srl
  • management of water treatment plant in agreement Peschiera Borromeo, serving eastern districts of Milan