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Inspection body

MM is the first state-owned company of the Lombardy and the Northern part of Italy which has obtained the accreditation from Accredia (cert. N.055 E) as Inspection Body Type “B” according to the European Standard EN ISO/IEC 17020 with its “Unità Tecnica Validazione Progetti”.
This accreditation allows Metropolitana Milanese to perform inspections in the following sectors: “Building constructions, civil engineering works in general and related plants, works of protection and of environmental defence, of naturalistic engineering and railway engineering, including tunnels and subway tunnels”.

Inspection services offered

MM can provide the following services:

  • Inspection on design of buildings according to the legislative decree n°163/2006 – Annex XXI art. 28 – and to the related regulation DPR n°207/2010 art. 47; to be precise check of different design levels – from the preliminary design to the detailed one – without any limits in term of related works’ amount of money, also for validation purpose;
  • Inspections of auxiliary technical services of the Clients, such as:
    - Due diligence;
    - Project Management;
    - Design Management;
    - Project cost control;
    - Project commissioning;
    - Expertise;
    - Technical support for arbitration.
  • Inspection on the construction process, such as:
    - Check on the works in progress;
    - Post-construction check on the finished works;
    - Construction valuation/estimate.

The inspection service, with relation to public investments or public-private partnership (Project Financing), is addressed to:

  • MM itself (Engineering, Water Service and Housing);
  • The Municipality of Milan and the companies/organizations in which the municipality is a stockholder;
  • Public Administrations (through specific agreements with their managing authorities).

Inspection purpose

The inspection service offered by MM is direct to check the quality of the object and/or the process inspected. It provides to the Client, through the procedures approved by Accredia, the added value of the guarantee that the inspection process is effective and efficient because it is based on rules and actions specifically studied and optimized according to the characteristics, to the relevance of the civil works in question and to its specific concerns referred to design, construction and management phases.

The accreditation guarantees that the inspection activities carried out by Metropolitana Milanese are impartial and independent, conducted in a systematic way in order to have traceable process, consistent results and outcomes that are clearly explained and justified into specific Inspection Reports and/or Inspection Certificates.

At international level, MM could spend usefully its professional skills as Inspection Body, because the accreditation is valid and recognized in all the European Union countries and in those where the EAMLA, ILAC and MRA mutual Recognition Agreement are valid (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Greece, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Macedonia, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, United States, Sweden, Switzerland, Taipei, Thailand, Turkey, Hungary, Vietnam).

In summary, the activity of the Inspection Body is a part of the whole and broad design and construction process of engineering works and infrastructures with the aim of guarantee:

  • Compliance of the Project: Respect of the requirements defined during the Planning phase; Confirm of the project feasibility within the predicted time and the cost-effectiveness of the design choices;
  • Reduction of the Contract Risks: Reduction of the risk about the rising of controversy during the work in progress, protecting the Contracting Authority, the Designer, the Contractor and the Taxpayer;
  • Transparency and Effectiveness: Identifying clear and effective specifications; Monitoring of the Project/Work progress in its every phase, promoting the constant exchange between the Client and the Designer;
  • Quality of the Work: The whole fulfilment of the needs defined initially and the possibility for the end user to enjoy the work itself in the time and way foreseen.

Download the verification process - in italian onlyDownload the cerificate accreditation UTVP 055E - in italian onlyDownload the declaration of impartiality - in italian only