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October 12, 2012
Milan city of water and land
Milan city of water and land The close link between the Milanese territory, water and agricultural development. From its historical development to future projects. The conference is promoted by Metropolitana Milanese, CAP Holding and Amiacque as part of the International Participants Meeting for EXPO 2015. The conference will be Oct. 12 at 14 to MiCo - Milano Congressi.
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May 6, 2011
Water beyond false myths - L'acqua oltre i falsi miti. Comparison of management models.
Water beyond false myths - L'acqua oltre i falsi miti. Comparison of management models. Friday, 6th May at Palazzo Giureconsulti, MM, with the patronage of Federutility, presented a study on the effects that an efficient water cycle has on the entire population. Debating the theme were some of the major Italian and international players of the sector. Water management is a key factor in environmental and development policies in every nation. The utilities seek a balance between environmental sustainability and economic efficiency that is not always easy to obtain, attempting to reconcile the needs of the citizens with the restrictions of public financing. The study, “The benefits of good water management” highlighted the effects that an efficient water cycle has on the citizens. Purpose of the convention was to debate the opportunities and criticalities of the water industry, going beyond the stereotypes. Participants were Lanfranco Senn, Alessandro Marangoni, Marie-Eve Deltenre, Angela Casiraghi, Jacopo Giliberto, Massimiliano Bianco, Stefano Cetti, Maurizio Chiarini, Erasmo D’Angelis, Paolo Romano and Adolfo Spaziani.

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April 12, 2011
Even MM at Fuorisalone together with
Even MM at Fuorisalone together with  At the premises of the studio of Design in Progress at via Tortona, 20, MM and have proposed an eco-sustainable approach during the Milanese Week of Design, presenting an installation of a turquoise-coloured fountain. The aim was to supply drinking water to all the visitors in an area that normally is without access to this service, attracting the attention of the numerous visitors to the Fuorisalone by means of its extraordinary-bizarre colour. Within the location, completely set up in eco-sustainable materials, there were maps of the water fountains of Milan, the reusable eco-cup in recycled material and the analysis of the quality of the city’s water. Designers and visitors were invited to actively collaborate in the project, by means of the on-line implementation of the mapping, the insertion of new fountains and points of access to water even on an international scale and by means of the creation of a filmed mini advertisement on the promotion of tap water. Free to drink the water of the city which is good, ecological and economical.


April 10, 2011
Milano City Marathon
Milano City Marathon The Integrated Water Service of the city of Milan of Metropolitana Milanese Spa has participated for the fifth year in a row as official supplier to the Milano City Marathon. MM was present with eight stops along the way and the personnel for the distribution of water for the sponging for the athletes.
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April 9, 2011
Via Sarpi is enhanced
Via Sarpi is enhanced  Saturday 9th April we celebrated the end of the works and the birth of the new via Sarpi, completely redeveloped by Metropolitana Milanese. For the entire day, in via Paolo Sarpi there has been discounted shopping from 10 to 20%. At 6 pm the inauguration was held together with the City of Milan and Metropolitana Milanese with aperitifs served along the street. The works of redevelopment, begun on 25th January 2010, had the objective of accentuating the pedestrian character of the road, favouring the delocalisation of wholesale commercial activities, revitalising retail commerce, valorising the history and traditions of this multi-ethnic neighbourhood with the formation of a single-level street surface, careful use of paving materials, greenery, street furniture and lighting. The redevelopment has also allowed the opportunity to renovate the underground utilities (sewage networks, gas, electricity, water).
Download: Inauguration leaflet (in italian only)


March 26, 2011
Inauguration of the extension of Naples M1
Inauguration of the extension of Naples  M1 The Dante-Università tract that is part of the extension of Line 1 has been inaugurated at the Garibaldi station. The section of the line activated operates a shuttle service that will involve the odd rail for the length of the line included between the Dante station and the Università station. The development of the tract in activity is 1.8 km long and includes 3 stations: Toledo, Municipio and Università. Only the Università station has been opened to the shuttle service.


March 26, 2011
Inauguration of the extension of Milan M3
Inauguration of the extension of Milan  M3  26th March 2011 Inauguration of the extension of Milan M3 With the opening of the four stations Dergano, Affori Centro, Affori Ferrovie Nord and Comasina (3.7 km) Line 3 stretches to 16.6 km on a route with a total of 21 stations, connecting the southeast part of the city with the San Donato stop to the northern part with Comasina. Metropolitana Milanese Spa has carried out the Design and Supervision Activities. The route follows the streets via Imbonati, via Pellegrino Rossi, via Astesani and via Comasina. The expected passengers will be approximately 15,000 per hour in both directions. As of today Milan has no less than 88 km of metro with 94 stops. Download the brochure Visit the link: Watch the video on our YouTube channel
Download: Press release of 26th March 2011 (in italian only)


March 24, 2011
Fa? la cosa giusta - Do the right thing
Fa? la cosa giusta - Do the right thing The appointment was for Friday 25th March from 11 am to 2 pm and Saturday 26 March from 10 to 11 am. At the trade fair, the students of the elementary and middle schools were able to personally verify the purity of Milan’s water, watching the experiments in the “mobile lab” of MM! Metropolitana Milanese Spa, which manages the Integrated Water Service of the city of Milan, could not miss out on the appointment with Fa’ the la cosa giusta - Do the right thing, the national trade fair of critical consumption and sustainable lifestyles. Drinking water from the tap, diminishing consumption of plastic and avoiding the transport of bottles over the road system all lower the emission of pollutants in the environment. It is a sign of responsibility towards the future generations as well. In addition, the water of Milan is of high quality and guaranteed by 180,000 different analyses conducted each year by the laboratory of Metropolitana Milanese.
Download: Press release of 20th March 2011 (in italian only)


November 22, 2010
The MM stand at Matching 2010
The MM stand at Matching 2010 The sixth edition of Matching entitled "Conoscere per crescere-to know, to grow" took place from 22nd to 24th November 2010 at Fieramilano in Rho (MI). The event was organised by the Compagnia delle Opere to develop business relationships. For the third year, Metropolitana Milanese has participated in the event with its stand.


October 18, 2010
MM gold sponsor of MobilityTech
MM has participated in the fifth edition of MobilityTech-the international forum on technological innovation for the development of mobility and transport. The event, which also hosted international congresses, allowed MM to stress the importance of a political action aimed at sustaining the development of underground public rail as a means of sustainable transport: it is indeed estimated that with the extensions planned for the metro in the Milanese area there will be approximately 87,000 less vehicles on the road (approximately 11.4%) and thus a consequential reduction of CO2 by 7.5%. During MobilityTech, MM opened for a technical visit its worksite in Comasina on the M3 extension.
Download: Press release


July 9, 2010
MM sponsors the VivilDuomo initiative to restore the spires on the Duomo
MM sponsors the VivilDuomo initiative to restore the spires on the Duomo With the VivilDuomo project, Veneranda Fabbrica aims to involve the city and the Italian and international public in a programme of initiatives to enhance and open up the monumental symbol of Milan to everyone. It aims to revive the Duomo (the cathedral), place of worship offering great spirituality, culture and art. So VivilDuomo provides an opportunity to really make a difference and actively participate in renovating the Cathedral together with Veneranda Fabbrica. The common goal is to valorise this unique and inestimable heritage asset. In 2010, the main purpose of VivilDuomo is to start up restoration works on the major Spire.


May 29, 2010
Children allowed into the major construction sites in Milan
Children allowed into the major construction sites in Milan Metropolitana Milanese opened up the underground construction site of Affori Centro, one of the extensions of Line 3, scheduled for opening in Spring, 2011 along with the stations of Dergano, Affori FNM and the new terminus station of Comasina. This is one of the “I cantieri dei bambini” (children’s construction sites) initiatives promoted by Fondazione Catella; it has arranged for four city construction sites to open to 5 to 11-year olds and their families on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 May 2010, from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. The goal of this initiative is to show children how Milan is changing and getting ready for the World Fair, the Expo. They can see with their own eyes the attention paid to guarantee the safety of all the people whose daily work is to help build the infrastructures that make the city even better.
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May 20, 2010
In Borraccia: the campaign for drinking tap water
In Borraccia: the campaign for drinking tap water The new drinking tap water campaign also says stop to plastic bottles. Promoting the initiative are Altreconomia (a magazine), Chico Mendes Altromercato (a fair-trade cooperative), Legambiente Turismo (the Italian environmental association for tourism), ViaggieMiraggi (responsible tourist agency) and
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May 9, 2010
The map of the ?vedovelle?: a guide to the locations of all the public drinking fountains in Milan
The map of the ?vedovelle?: a guide to the locations of all the public drinking fountains in Milan Three young designers working together in the a8b association came up with the idea and worked with MM Spa during the 1st Italian Cycling Day to hand out to locals and tourists 10,000 maps of the 400-plus drinking fountains in the City. These fountains are known as “vedovelle” because their continuous flow of water recalls the inconsolable weeping of widows. The Municipality is sponsoring this “Free to Drink” communication project re-launching these fountains, not just to safeguard them as symbols of Milan’s historical and aesthetic past but to restore their original social function, ensuring safe and easy access to good quality water at no cost. And by promoting the use of water straight from the font, the project also discourages the use of plastic bottles, which have an very high ecological footprint. There are now 418 drinking fountains in Milan. The oldest one in Piazza della Scala is made from bronze and all the other ‘vedovelle’ are made from cast iron. They are all painted the same green based on a design dating back to 1931.
Download: Press release


April 28, 2010
Turn off the tap with Aquafresh
Turn off the tap with Aquafresh Aquafresh presents “Chiudi il rubinetto” (Turn off the tap): a project educating people on how to save water, informing them how much water we waste every day, beginning from the water we use to brush our teeth. The project press conference took place at Spazio Acqua at 39, via Cenisio, Milan. This location provided the perfect setting to discuss water sustainability. It was built as a water pumping station in 1905 and it has been operating until 1980 when it was turned into the Museo dell’Acquedotto (Waterworks Museum). The details of the project, which obtained the Sponsorship of the Municipality of Milan’s Environment Office were presented during the meeting. Issues such as water sustainability and the commitment of GlaxoSmithKline to social responsibility and environmental sustainability were also explored. Mr Carlo Carrettini, Head of the Waterworks Area, Metropolitana Milanese – concentrated on the water cycle and on savings water in the city of Milan.
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April 22, 2010
A partner in the AVEDA Earth Month
A partner in the AVEDA Earth Month Metropolitana joined Aveda in its Earth Month to promote a campaign advocating the use of tap water. A public initiative was held in piazza San Babila, in the heart of the City. Milanese citizens were invited to swap their plastic water bottles for an aluminium one to be filled with tap water. For the occasion, Metropolitana Milanese handed out the Milan water datasheet showing how the water in this City is safe and always monitored. Short instructions for consumers were also distributed so they could learn more and appreciate the water in their homes.
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April 11, 2010
Milano City Marathon
Milano City Marathon For the fourth consecutive year, the water supply and wastewater removal services of Metropolitana Milanese was official supplier for the Milan City Marathon; its staff distributed water for athletes’ sponges at eight stations, together with other institutional partners – Municipality of Milan and Province of Milan, the Region of Lombardy and the European Parliament.


March 22, 2010
2010 World Water Day: MM opens up the Waterworks system to the City
2010 World Water Day: MM opens up the Waterworks system to the City The World Water Day is an initiative that grew out of the 1992 United Nations Conference. It is celebrated on 22 March with the goal to promote public awareness of the critical water issue, of access to fresh water and of sustainability of aquatic habitats. MM decided to celebrate the day by opening up its plants to highlight how much technology, investment, and work go into a glass of the water coming out from the taps. Schedule of the days: Sunday 21 and Monday 22 March 2010, free guided tours of the following sites:
  • the Armi pumping station of the Waterworks with the mobile laboratory
  • The sewer structure under Piazza Bonomelli
  • the San Rocco wastewater treatment plant
  • the Nosedo wastewater treatment plant
  • the Spazio Acqua water museum.
Download: Leaflet (in italian only)


March 22, 2010
2010 World Water Day. Working with Legambiente: MM promotes water tasting
2010 World Water Day. Working with Legambiente: MM promotes water tasting Tap water is safe and monitored beside being cheap and environmentally friendly. Thousands of tests on dozens of parameters required by the law are carried out every year, assuring the water quality. This is the message that green watchdog, Legambiente will take to the Indro Montanelli gardens in Milan on 22 March 2010 – the World Water Day, together with Metropolitana Milanese s.p.a., which manages the waterworks and wastewater services for the City. In the name of public water, Legambiente will occupy the Milanese gardens all day, and together with the Scouts it will entertain young visitors with performances featuring an acrobat and kids’ games. A special home water testing kit developed by the Bicocca University will also be presented and gadgets that help save water in homes will be distributed. People will also find out how well they can tell the difference between tap water and bottled water just by tasting. The Sunday initiative is part of the “Milano da Bere” (Milan to Drink) project that Legambiente and the Bicocca University rolled out more than a year ago.
Download: Press release of 19 March 2010


March 13, 2010
Do the right thing: MM is attending ?Fa? la cosa giusta"
Do the right thing: MM is attending ?Fa? la cosa giusta Again in 2010, Metropolitana Milanese participated in "Fa’ la cosa giusta!" (do the right thing), the trade show that draws together the best sustainable consumption and sustainable lifestyle practices. It exhibits ethical product financing, fair travel ideas, energy saving, ethical fashion and design and much more. Metropolitana Milanese, which quenches the thirst of about two million users every day and makes environmental and social sustainability one of its strengths was there to promote drinking tap water – in Milan, there’s plenty of it and the quality is excellent. To reinforce the recommendation for responsible water use, Metropolitana Milanese distributed one thousand glass bottles at the trade show, each one bearing the MM logo. Bottles contained a surprise: a check list providing simple, practical advice on how to best use and appreciate water at work and at home. The Milan drinking water has one of the best quality-price ratios in Italy and the more than 250,000 tests performed each year prove it is safe to drink.
Download: Press relase 12 march 2010


March 3, 2010
The campaign to redevelop via Sarpi
The campaign to redevelop via Sarpi The campaign to redevelop via Sarpi is off Metropolitana Milanese is carrying out important redevelopment works in via Sarpi aimed at making the most of the strong pedestrian and trade vocation of the area by refinishing the surface, creating more green areas and extending the pedestrian and outdoor relaxation areas. Work began in February 2010 and will end by February 2011. Metropolitana Milanese and the Municipality of Milan have developed a local communication plan to keep people informed of the activities underway and to build up a positive atmosphere around the work area. They are reaching out to the general public and other stakeholders affected by the project through advance, timely information and exchange. Metropolitana Milanese has also prepared tools to let people know that via Sarpi is still open while work is underway and to help them find their way through the construction site. Metropolitana Milanese and the Municipality have set up a website to provide information and to answer questions about the project (indirizzo mail: Website visitors can register for a free e-mailed newsletter detailing the state of the work.
Download: Press relase of 8 March 2010


November 23, 2009
MM is participating in Matching 2009
MM is participating in Matching 2009 For the second year, Metropolitana Milanese is participating in Matching, which gives enterprise the opportunity to develop new business relations. The fifth edition of Matching, entitled "Innovate, internationalize" will be held at Fieramilano, Rho (MI) from 23 to 25 November 2009. An estimated 2,500 Italian and foreign firms from all areas of business will be participating.


October 1, 2009
Imbrocchiamola: MM encourages restaurants and bars to use tap water
Imbrocchiamola: MM encourages restaurants and bars to use tap water Metropolitana Milanese and the green watchdog Legambiente together with Altreconomia, a publication advocating sustainable consumption are pushing the nationwide “Imbrocchiamola” (fill up a jug!) campaign. The initiative promotes serving tap water in jugs (brocche) at restaurants, pizzerias and coffee bars. Participating establishments can display all the data relating to the quality of the water supplied on stickers for windows, public notices, totems and tabs for tables and they will also receive the Metropolitana Milanese jugs. To find out more about the initiative and the participating establishments:
Download: Press relase of 1 October 2010


April 24, 2009
Parks are Public: the MM water also at ?Parchi in Comune?
Parks are Public: the MM water also at ?Parchi in Comune? The initiative called "Parchi in Comune“ (April – September 2009) involves MM participation in a series of events taking place from late April to September 2009. These events, in six of the City’s parks, aim to set up moments for the general public to meet and socialize in green areas. At the Metropolitana Milanese stand people "tasted" water and appreciated its flavour, attempting to tell the difference between tap water and bottled water. The events involved a number of schools from Milan areas plus the general public and institutions.


January 15, 2009
MM supports the contemporary art exhibition: ?Acqua, riflessi, memorie?
MM supports the contemporary art exhibition: ?Acqua, riflessi, memorie? Metropolitana Milanese supported and hosted a contemporary art exhibition (Acqua, riflessi, memorie – water, reflections, memories) by young emerging artists in its Spazio Acqua from 15 January 2009 to 15 March 2009. The exhibition is twinned with the parallel exhibition held at Palazzo Reale and entitled “L’anima dell’acqua: simboli, sogni, visioni” (The heart of water: symbols, dreams, visions). The event is part of the EnergiAcqua project and was the idea of the DNArt foundation; its goal was to promote public awareness of the delicate issues of saving energy and water. Spazio Acqua is an industrial building that was built in 1906 for the first Great Fair of Milan and used as a pumping station: it is now decommissioned and houses the Waterworks Museum.
Download: Press release of 12 January 2009