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Efficiency and energy saving

MM is engaged on issues Efficiency and Energy Conservation through planning, design and implementation of measures that allow, for the same services and quality offered, to optimize the company's energy consumption and its supply costs.

MM promoted several activities aimed at:
- a deep knowledge of the productive system and business energy needs through the collection, structured management, monitoring and analysis (Energy Audit) of energy consumption and related costs;
- define a systematic approach for continuous improvement of energy performance by identifying the main problems, defining the improvement plan and priorities for action;
- monitor and reduce the environmental impact connected to their energy system by starting a gradual diversification of supply;
- involve the staff to make the MM workers constantly informed, involved and aware of the strategic importance of energy consumption (by editing simple "habits" or wrong behaviors and adopting virtuous behavior targeted the reduction of energy waste).

The MM goal is to invest in energy efficiency, starting a virtuous process, substantial benefits both the company harbors the same (thanks to the saved energy enhancement) and the environment (thanks to the reduction of CO2 emitted).


The MM goal is implementing energy efficiency (reducing energy consumption while maintaining unchanged the quality / quantity of services), with a constant and systematic approach, through:
- the strong attention given to the issue by raising awareness among employees adoption the "virtuous behavior";
- investment support, even without considering new financial resources, but capitalizing the future savings (e.g. by buying new, more efficient technologies and less energy-consuming);
- ontinuous improvement (making available specialist and technological capabilities) of the Energy Management System that MM has succeeded, first in its industry, to certify UNI CEI EN ISO 50001.

Energy Manager

MM appointed under a legal obligation (Law 10/1991) the "business manager for the conservation and rational use of energy" (Energy Manager) to which multiple functions are competing, including:
- identification of actions, interventions and procedures to encourage and promote the rational use of energy within the company;
- analysis, monitoring and optimization of energy use  to achieve economic benefits, energy and environment;
- preparation of energy statement as a function of economic and energy end-use parameters;
- preparation and submission of energy data required by the central authorities and other stakeholders, in accordance with current legislation.

The role of the Energy Manager is becoming increasingly important, the activities of which they provide for the purchase of fuel and support energy carriers (electricity, gas, etc.), collaboration in the management of the related contracts to services of "heat management" of the company, support the definition of the investments of the Integrated Water Service and the Home Division for the rationalization of energy consumption (redevelopment plant, upgrading the energy efficiency of buildings Public Housing of the City of Milan etc.), the definition and promotion of information campaigns and targeted staff awareness.

The Energy Manager also plays a key role in the Energy Management System certificate UNI CEI EN ISO 50001.