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Napoli Line 1

M1 Napoli the first metro to use track set aside by the city

Work in progress

  • Feasibility study not completed
  • Initial design not completed
  • Final design not completed
  • Executive design completed
  • Works management completed

The municipal transport plan proposes a circular route for Line 1. About three-quarters of its development is under concession to Metropolitana di Napoli (Naples Metro System), the remainder being under concession to Metrocampanianordest, a company owned by the Region of Campania. Of the Line 1 ring route, the Piscinola-Università section is in operation and the Dante-Garibaldi-Centro Direzionale section is under construction.
Concerning the section of circular route under concession to Naples Metro System, Napoli Metro Engineering is responsible for designing the whole system and for the works management. Line 1 connects the northern suburb of Piscinola-Secondiglia to the Vomero commercial district, the City centre and the central railway station. The final section links the three gateways to the City, represented by the port, railway station and airport. Line 1 also joins the inter-district railways such as the Cumana, Circumflegrea and Circumvesuviana lines and the three funiculars which run between the City centre and the summit of Vomero.
The line runs on a viaduct between the stations of Piscinola and Colli Aminei and underground for the remainder. The section currently under construction has single-track tunnels constructed using two closed-front tunnel-boring machines. The section in progress runs for almost its whole length within the water table: this requires the use of special technologies such as ground freezing for the station tunnels, bulkhead panels made using hydrofraise techniques for the station shafts and mechanized excavation with VSMs (Vertical Shaft Sinking Machines) for the small diameter shafts.
An important part of the construction undertaking for the Dante-Garibaldi section is management of the archaeological finds discovered on the construction sites. In fact, this section passes under an area urbanized since the Greco-Roman period, a fact which called for collaboration with the Superintendent for the Historical and Artistic Heritage from the outset. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the discovery of two Roman boat keels between the shaft in Piazza Municipio and the 4th century Roman monument complex discovered during excavations for the Duomo station.
Nationally and internationally renowned architects and artists participated in the design of the stations. Between 2001 and 2003, the Quattro Giornate, Vanvitelli, Salvator Rosa, Materdei, Museo and Dante stations, defined as Art Stations, were designed with the collaboration of Gae Aulenti, Alessandro Mendini and Domenico Olacchio. The following architects have participated in the section currently under construction: the Portuguese Alvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto Moura (Municipio station), the Spaniard Oscar Tusquets (Toledo station), the American Karim Rashid (Università station), the Italian Massimiliani Fuksas (Duomo station) and the Frenchman Dominique Perrault (Garibaldi station). These contributions have inaugurated a new way of designing railway architecture, by skilfully marrying function, art and architecture. And the design for the extension of the line to Capodichino airport involved such internationally famed architects as Miralles Tagliabue (Barcelona), Mario Botta (Lugano) and Richard Rogers (London). 

Characteristics of the section connecting to the Naples Metro System

Section km (miles) No of stations
Piscinola - Dante - Garibaldi - Centro direzionale - Capodichino 23 km (14.4) 24

Activities in the design phase

Activities km (miles) No of stations Section
In operation 13,2 (8.3) 14 Piscinola - Dante
Under construction 5,3 (3.3) 6 Dante - Garibaldi - Centro Direzionale
IPlanned 4,5 (2.8) 4 Centro Direzionale - Capodichino


March 1993
Inauguration of the first section from Piazza Vanvitelli to Colli Aminei, which snakes for 4 km (2.5 miles)

July 1995
Opening of the extension from Colli Aminei to Piscinola

April 2001
Opening of the section from Vanvitelli to Dante, with the stations of Cilea - Quattro Giornate, Salvator Rosa and Museo

March 2002
Opening of Dante station

June 2002
Inauguration of the interchange corridor between Museo station on Line 1 and Cavour station on Line 2

July 2003
Opening of Materdei station

March 2005
Vanvitelli station joins the Art Stations after a restyling operation

March 2011
On march 26 inauguration of new the station Università of the Garibaldi extention