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Milan Line 1

The Red

Line 1, opened in 1964, connects Sesto San Giovanni, on the northern outskirts of Milan, with the terminus of Bisceglie and Rho Fiera Milano west of the city. With 27 km in length and 38 stations, is one of the pillars of the entire system of urban transport and surfed. Line 1 accounted for engineering and industry Italian first great experience in the construction industry urban underground and allowed to practice studies and experiments developed by the technicians of MM with the Technical University and the company ICOS. This collaboration has led to the definition of "Milan Method", a drilling system became very famous in the field and later used in the construction of other metros in the world. Among the most important engineering works remembers the intersection between lines 1 and 2 in the stretch Cairoli - Cadorna with the construction of a single large curve radius, which required the opening of two openings in the walls of the Castello Sforzesco and the Crossing the line near the foundations of the Filarete tower. The construction of Line 1 also inaugurated the season of archaeological discoveries and the discovery of historical sites around the city of Milan. During the excavation, were found in the basement many archaeological finds. Under the supervision of the Superintendent for the Artistic and Historical, prof. Mirabella Roberti, in Via Mercanti has been brought to light a stretch of Roman paving and in Piazza Duomo were found the remains of the cathedral of Santa Tecla and the Baptistery of San Giovanni, perhaps dating back to the fourth century AD The exhibits have been arranged so as to be visible to the public under the rise of the front steps of the Cathedral. In the station Rho Fiera Milano were completed April 14, 2015 the work of adaptation: a new two-way link between the quay and the odd corridor open to the public, access to the exhibition center from the mezzanine of the station, which would create a preferential path and more directed to users of the fairgrounds and download partially existing connections.

Section km (miles) Stations
Sesto FS to Rho Fiera Milano/ Bisceglie 27 (16.9) 38

The construction phase

The M1 will be extended to the north with a stretch of about 2 km and two new stations: Sesto Restellone and Cinisello-Monza. The works for the construction were started in the early months of the year and is expected to open to the public in the 2017.

Activities km (miles) Stations Section
In operation 27 (16.9) 38 Rho-Fiera Milano / Bisceglie - Sesto FS
In construction 1.9 (1.3) 2 Sesto FS - Cinisello/Monza
In project 3 (1.8) 3 Bisceglie-Baggio


Inauguration of the first section Sesto Marelli - Lotto (a total of 21 underground stations) and the associated Precotto depot.

Addition of a branch line with three stations: Wagner, De Angeli and Gambara.

Opening of the following stations to the public: QT8 (Lotto branch line), Bande Nere, Primaticcio and Inganni (the last three on the Gambara branch line).

Four new stations opened on the QT8 branch line: Lampugnano, Uruguay, Bonola and San Leonardo which becomes the new terminus.

Three new stations opened to the public: Molino Dorino (San Leonardo branch line), Sesto Rondò and Sesto 1st May FS, the new terminus. Opening of the Gallaratese depot.

Opening of Bisceglie station, which becomes the new terminus; Line 1 now extends from Sesto 1st May FS to Molino Dorino (on the western branch line) and Bisceglie (on the southern branch line), for a total of 36 stations and 24.9 km (15.5 miles).

On 30 March the new Rho-Fiera Milano station (temporary terminus on the western branch line) is opened to the public. The entire station complex is opened to the public in autumn, together with the new Pero station.
2015 Station Rho Fiera Milano: inaugurated on 14 April the new connecting corridor between the quay and the fairgrounds.
The history of line 1