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Milan Line 4

The Blue

Work in progress

  • Feasibility study completed
  • Initial design completed
  • Final design completed
  • Executive design not completed
  • Works management not completed

Feasibility study Preliminary design Final design Executive design Works management not completedGallery The Line 4 will cross Milan west to east for about 15 km (9.4 miles) along Viale Lorenteggio, passing to the south of the old centre and along the Indipendenza, Argonne and Forlanini avenues to the Linate Airport. The line will have 21 stations: San Cristoforo FS, Segneri, Gelsomini, Frattini, Tolstoi, Washington-Bolivar, Foppa, Parco Solari, S. Ambrogio, De Amicis, Vetra, S. Sofia, Sforza-Policlinico, San Babila, Tricolore, Dateo, Susa, Argonne, Forlanini FS, Forlanini, Linate Airport. The route of the Line 4 will optimize the City coverage, patronage potential and interconnection with the metro and suburban railway systems, improving the overall network effect of the entire City public transport system. Extensions to Buccinasco and Pioltello are being evaluated, with a further branch line eastwards to the new district of Rogoredo-Santa Giulia and subsequently to San Giuliano Milanese along the Via Emilia.

Design of the Line 4 has been complete for some time and the preliminary archaeological surveys have already been carried out.

The Line 4, like the new Line 5, will be lighter and use more advanced technology. The system will be completely automated, without driver onboard. The 60-metre (197-ft) long trains are much shorter than the existing rolling stock; similarly, the stations, which will have platform screen doors, will be only 60 metres (197 ft) long, against the 110 metres (361 ft) of the three existing lines. The reduced size of tunnels and trains will simplify construction works and reduce the overall impact. In addition, system automation will provide reduced headways of about 90 seconds, with a theoretical reduction down to 75 s, and the potential of carrying 24,000 to 28,000 passengers per hour and direction.

Blue will be the identifying colour of the new line.

The new Line 4 will serve high population density districts. For this reason, the construction methods have been designed to minimize impact on surface and to be compatible with the passage of numerous utility infrastructures and a significant presence of groundwater.
The extensive use of tunnel-boring machines and the choice of twin single-track tunnels optimize the flexibility and adaptability of the route, which will be almost entirely underground. A special structural plan has been developed for the old centre stations, with an open central shaft and blind-hole side tunnels to allow passage of the tunnel-boring machines: this technique minimizes the need to excavate and allows the platform tunnels to be bored starting underground from considerable depths.

The design phase

Line 4: Lorenteggio-Linate automatic Light Rail Transit. "Lorenteggio-Linate”. 

Status km (miles) Stations Section
Planned 15 (9.4) 21 San Cristoforo-Linate