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Portello project

New road system to access the city

Work in progress

  • Feasibility study completed
  • Initial design completed
  • Final design completed
  • Executive design completed
  • Works management completed

Duration of the works: September 2006 – December 2014

It is a new route length of about 1.5 km from Piazza Kennedy to Via Theodoric which will improve accessibility to the Fair and the adjacent areas of urban transformation . A new junction on Viale De Gasperi , characterized by a spectacular arch bridge with a length of 80 meters , allows access to the path tunnel to release the road surface and vehicles headed to the parking of the fair during the demonstrations , both heavy vehicles during the construction of the events. The tunnel has a total length of approximately 970 meters and a width of about 26 current meters , is set with 2 independent reeds and two lanes in each direction . They were provided emergency exits about every 300 meters. The south end of the tunnel is designed to give access to the road surface , as well as to lots of underground parking provided in support of the PII door and the fairgrounds urban , it was also designed to ensure the possible continuation in the direction of Largo Domodossola . The tunnel underpass via Palazzolo , areas of the new Park Avenue and Serra . Furthermore, a new urban road surface allows the connection of Viale De Gasperi square Accursio. The amount of funding amounted to EUR 106.5 million , co-financed by the state, at a rate of 24 million euro , and the Lombardy Region , for about 13 million. The activation of the first Lot involves the rearrangement of ownership road system to minimize the impacts of outbound traffic from the axis De Gasperi - Gattamelata the neighborhood, structures that have been defined by the competent municipal facilities ( Planning Sector Mobility and Local Police).